Episode 2: Without their memories, the investigators continue to retrace their steps, trying to find clues as to what happened to them…but as their investigations continue it becomes very clear that they are uncovering something terrible! With huge thanks to Battle bards.com Kevin MaCleod at Incompetech FesliyanStudios and Pedar B Heland For their excellent music and sfx

1 comment on “12.2 – Forget Me Not – At Least I’ve Got Chicken

  1. Saraaaa says:

    Listening to this episode and, as a Michigan girl, loving it.
    I also love that you all say Clio like “Cleo” rather than “Cl-eye-oh”, which is how us ridiculous Michiganders say it 😂

    ^^this was 100% not a critique, it made me giggle and I thought I would share 🥳

    Keep up the great work guys! Love it.

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