Month: February 2020

001 – Murder on the Eberron Express – The Stage is Set.mp3

Egan Bakker, a foundling from House Cannith, is an artificer on his way from Sharn to Fairhaven with his family and a suspicious collection of others. On the final day of travel, Bakker is shot and killed with newly invented firearm. The characters must solve the murder before they get to Fairhaven or the killer might escape, and they might be blamed by the Fairhaven guard.

Not to mention the fact that the murderer must be one of them…

In episode one, the stage is set as we meet our cast !

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001 – Masks of Nyarlathotep- Peru – Pisco Sours

The stars have aligned, sacrifices have been made and against the odds we have gathered together six of the world’s greatest Call of Cthulhu writers and broadcasters to bring to you an actual play of the greatest campaign ever written! Join Scott Dorward as Keeper, Joe and Eoghan from Howe We Roll Podcast, Murf from Miskatonic University Podcast, Veronica from CAF Podcast and writer and broadcaster Seth Skorkowski in an epic journey to South America!

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038 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – You don’t fuck with the mob

For our final release of 2019 we return to New York for some more Pulp Cthulhu fun!

We have recently updated our patreon, so if you have even a dollar a month to spare and would like to support the show and help keep us going, please head to

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036 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – Best Laid Plans

When we returned to New York we (as players) thought we’d have 1 or 2 episodes to do a bit of housekeeping before continuing on with the story; none of use knew that Scott had an incredible story planned that would continue the 2HS plot while delving deep into our characters backstories. Hope you enjoy!

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