Month: October 2021

084 – Two Headed Serpent – Iceland – The Serpent Within

Exploring the Caldara of the volcano, our heroes start experimenting with some ancient devices before making a startling discovery in the Iceland Chapter of Chaosium’s Pulp Cthulhu Epic, the Two Headed Serpent

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008 – Flotsam & Jetsam – The Star Brothers -The Least Dangerous Fish

Deep in the saltmarshes surrounding Innsmouth, a mysterious mechanical device has been built to contact creatures from the stars. As it is turned on, our investigators will need to decide if their lives are worth risking to get this ultimate scoop!

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083 – Two Headed Serpent – Iceland – Into the Volcano

After discovering the horror beneath the volcano, our heroes decide a different approach; heading directly into the caldera. Find out what they find in our next exciting episode of chaosium’s pulp cthulhu epic, the two headed serpent

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