Episode 1: Once again we return to The Mansions of Madness Call of Cthulhu supplement for another amazing scenario. Spensor and Finn are requested by the head of the newly formed Delta Green to check on their old friend and fellow Mythos Investigator Bartholomew Ormund, who had booked himself into a psychiatric institution for the rich and powerful, run by noted alienist, Dr Brewer. The institution was located on a remote island of the coast of New England. On the jetty, the two investigators met up with Johnny Huck, an occult journalist and “Oz” a student of psychiatry. As a DM/Keeper this is by far the most ambition story I have ever attempted – with a ton of NPCs, a complicated plot and a live audience. With huge thanks to Battle bards.com Kevin MaCleod at Incompetech FesliyanStudios and Pedar B Heland For their excellent music and sfx

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