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005 – Rime of the Frostmaiden – ID Ascendent – The Heist

Graham (@Kuran_j) crashed landed in Ten-Towns in Icewind Dale inside of a comet. No one knows how or why this happened. Who is he? What is his past?
Find in our next exciting D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden Episode with special guest the amaing Celeste Conowitch @cconowitch

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003 – Rime of the Frostmaiden – Termalaine – Voices from the Underdark

Something terrible has woken in the Termalaine mine. Miners have been plagued by terrible dreams and one by one they are being murdered. Can our heroes solve this mystery? FInd out in our next D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure with special guests Devon and Jakob from Total Party Chill

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001 – Rime of the Frostmaiden – Fire from the Sky

It has been two years since the sun failed to rise. Two years of terror and isolation, because Icewind Dale has become trapped in a perpetual winter with no escape. To the south ferocious blizzards make the mountain passes through the Spine of the World unpassable to might or magic, tow the west and north is the sea of moving ice and to the east the mighty Reghed glacier. No one gets in and no one gets out
That is until now.

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005 – Murder on the Eberron Express – The Murderer Reveled

This week we return to @Wizards_DND #dnd oneshot Murder on the #Eberron express. In our exciting finale our heroes battle against the murderer and the chaos they have created. Will justice be achieved? Will anyone make it off the train alive?

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002 – Murder on the Eberron Express – A body is found

This week we return to @Wizards_DND #dnd oneshot Murder on the #Eberron express. In episode one, we introduced our cast (or should I say our suspects) and in episode 2 a body is found. Will the murderer be revealed? Find out in our #TTRPG #actualplay

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001 – Murder on the Eberron Express – The Stage is Set.mp3

Egan Bakker, a foundling from House Cannith, is an artificer on his way from Sharn to Fairhaven with his family and a suspicious collection of others. On the final day of travel, Bakker is shot and killed with newly invented firearm. The characters must solve the murder before they get to Fairhaven or the killer might escape, and they might be blamed by the Fairhaven guard.

Not to mention the fact that the murderer must be one of them…

In episode one, the stage is set as we meet our cast !

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