Pulp Cthulhu

015 – Masks of Nyarlathotep – Peru – What the F–k Scott

Caution: This episode grossed me the hell out both while playing and while editing.

In this episode our heroes find the hidden temple deep in the Andean Highlands and what they discover is…well weird and gross (WTF Scott???)

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009 – Masks of Nyarlathotep – Peru – No Regrets

The next thrilling episode of Masks of Nyrlathotep featuring Veronica from Cthulhu and Friends, Seth Skorkowski, Murf from Miskatonic University Podcast, and Joe, Eoghan and Scott from How We Roll

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008 – Masks of Nyarathotep – Peru – Don’t forget your towel

As Tess, Sebastian and Dwayne head to their respective rooms for the night, Larkin and his two willing PC cultists make their move. Can the others survive the assault? Will they join the growing ranks of the Cult of Nyarlathotep? More importantly, can Scott get this story back on track????

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007 – Masks of Nyarlathotep – Peru – The Spanish Conquistadors

We return this week to our epic playthrough of the Peru Chapter of Masks of Nyarathotep, with its writer, Scott Dorward from the Good Friends of Jackson Elias; and players Joe & Eoghan from HowWeRoll; Veronica from Cthulhu and Friends; Murf from Miskatonic University and Seth Skorkowski!

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