059 – Two headed Serpent – Oklahoma – Bouts of Madness

One of the key mechanics of Call of Cthulhu is the bout of madness, which takes place when the character’s interaction with the mythos becomes too much from their fragile psyches to bare…and this is exactly what happens in today’s episode of Two Headed Serpent

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057 – Two headed Serpent – Oklahoma – Our Lord and Saviour

The chilling events of the last few episodes coming to an exciting climax as our heroes clash with the townsfolk, the cult of yig and themselves! WIll everyone survive episode 57 of Chaosium’s Two Headed Serpent

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055 – Two headed Serpent – Oklahoma – Lynch Mob

This week we return to our Pulp Cthulhu Two Headed Serpent campaign. The tensions that have been brewing since the death of rev Cornfield are about to reach a climax as the sherif gathers a lynch mob. Which side will our heroes choose?

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