Two Headed Serpent

083 – Two Headed Serpent – Iceland – Into the Volcano

After discovering the horror beneath the volcano, our heroes decide a different approach; heading directly into the caldera. Find out what they find in our next exciting episode of chaosium’s pulp cthulhu epic, the two headed serpent

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082 – Two Headed Serpent – Iceland – Children must learn to share

In our latest, Pulp Cthulhu, Two Headed Serpent actual play, Charles and Ethan have journeyed deep into an ancient monstrosity and may not make it out alive, meanwhile Jane and Bart face off against a multitude of increasingly angry Vormis.

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079 – Two Headed Serpent – Iceland – Charles’ Fish.mp3

In our play through the Iceland chapter of Chaosium’s epic pulp Cthulhu campaign, the two headed serpent, our heroes a=have once again split the party to explore the ancient laboratory located deep within the bowels of an active volcano. WHat could go wrong?

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