Two Headed Serpent

064 – Two headed Serpent – Back to New York – Reconnecting

While Charles grabs his tools and begins building…something, and Spencer continues to investigate Rose Medham, Jane and Bart decide to attend a masked ball and…well…I don’t even want to say what Ethan gets up to! All this and more in the next thrilling pulp cthulhu episode!

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063 – Two Headed Serpent – Back to New York – Reporting In

Our heroes return to New York to report their “successes” in Oklahoma to Caduceus in our on going Two Headed Serpent Campaign. If you are interested in the investigator advancement recording, you can find it at

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059 – Two headed Serpent – Oklahoma – Bouts of Madness

One of the key mechanics of Call of Cthulhu is the bout of madness, which takes place when the character’s interaction with the mythos becomes too much from their fragile psyches to bare…and this is exactly what happens in today’s episode of Two Headed Serpent

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