Two Headed Serpent

044 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – Yig, The Father of Serpents

have our heroes been too successful in their infiltration of the cult of Yig? Will they go through with the initiation rite or will Charles use the dynamite hidden on hos person? Find out in the explosive finale to this chapter of Two Headed Serpent

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043 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – The High 5

This week we return to our Two Headed Serpent Campaign, where Charles, Bart and Ethan head to the High Five, a dirty dive bar, frequented by pilots, where they decide how to hand the startling information about the truth behind Caduceus

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041 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – Weekend at Bart’s

Back at the Medheam building our pulp heroes takes some much needed R&R and definitely don’t start recklassly playing with musterious artefacts. This episode has been called by one fan as “the best episode you have ever released” and was seriously fun to play!

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038 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – You don’t fuck with the mob

For our final release of 2019 we return to New York for some more Pulp Cthulhu fun!

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036 – Two Headed Serpent – New York – Best Laid Plans

When we returned to New York we (as players) thought we’d have 1 or 2 episodes to do a bit of housekeeping before continuing on with the story; none of use knew that Scott had an incredible story planned that would continue the 2HS plot while delving deep into our characters backstories. Hope you enjoy!

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