5. Castle Ravenloft

Chapter Five: Castle Ravenloft

We return to Voron & Ulrich on the night before The Banquet of the Damned, while they investigate what happened to Ireena.

Meanwhile, Saff & Greysen leave the village of Womford heading east toward Castle Ravenloft where a mysterious carriage awaits them.

Once again, we are joined by Aram Vartian from Godsfall

030 – Curse of Strahd – Castle Ravenloft – THE END!

EPISODE SUMMARY Trapped deep within the bowels of the castle, our adventures desperately search for the way out, however, the Master of the Castle has finally taken note of...

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029 – Curse of Strahd – Castle Ravenloft – Riddles in the Dark

EPISODE SUMMARY Our heroes flee from Strahd’s Chamberlain and the undead beholder by descending a secret staircase leading to a strange magical portal controlled by glowing, multicoloured gems. Once...

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028 – Curse of Strahd – Castle Ravenloft – An Unexpected Ally

EPISODE SUMMARY Our characters escape Strahd’s deadly minions by fleeing through the mega-dungeon of Castle Ravenloft, battling through deadly foes and meeting a possible ally! EPISODE NOTES Our characters...

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027 – Curse of Strahd – Castle Ravenloft – Dinner is Served

EPISODE SUMMARY After an unexpected meeting on a lonely Barovian road, our party joins to head through the gates and into Castle Ravenloft for dinner with Strahd! This episode...

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026 – Curse of Strahd – Castle Ravenloft – An invitation to dinner…

EPISODE SUMMARY After the excitement of the sidequest story – The Banquet of the Damned, we are returning this week to Voron, Ulrich and Sulvarex as they try to...

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